Blue Moon and Huck Finns

Dusty says:
The HOPR has definitely helped to increase our beverage sales in these recessionary times. Having a HOPR drink menu has really helped increase awareness and enhanced sales. We had a summer drink menu, that was very successful. Now we are putting together a HOPR drink menu for football season.

Profits are greater on mixed drinks served in the HOPR and it’s a better value to the customer as well!
We host a lot of softball leagues and volleyball leagues that come in after their games and get together to have HOPRS of their favorite drinks.

Promoting the HOPR is key to making it work, to increase sales. The HOPR sets us apart and gives our customers a fun experience. The HOPR has been very important to our business.

Barry says:
We have seen what the HOPR can do for our business and we plan to incorporate it into promoting the football season with a dedicated menu focused on HOPR drinks.