Green Mill

The HOPR has had a very positive impact on our business. We sell more beer by using the HOPR. Tables that order the HOPR require less wait staff time because beverage glasses do not need constant filling. When we put a HOPR on a table you can see the mood of everyone at the table just livens up. Several businesses in town often bring visitors from out of town to our bar so they can experience the HOPR.

The HOPR is a conversation piece for our business and customer talk about it after they leave which is what we want.

Ma Cal Grove Country Club

We have been using HOPRs in our club house for several months now. We primarily use them to serve mixed drinks. What I like most about the HOPR is it keeps our customer in our bar and restaurant longer. Instead of having one drink and leaving, they stay and share a HOPR of drinks with their buddies. We are selling more beverages than we would have without the HOPR and when our customers stay longer they will often order something to eat too. We started with two HOPRs and that wasn’t enough so we have added two more. With things continueing as they are I anticipate another purchase shortly.

Blue Moon and Huck Finns

Dusty says:
The HOPR has definitely helped to increase our beverage sales in these recessionary times. Having a HOPR drink menu has really helped increase awareness and enhanced sales. We had a summer drink menu, that was very successful. Now we are putting together a HOPR drink menu for football season.

Profits are greater on mixed drinks served in the HOPR and it’s a better value to the customer as well!
We host a lot of softball leagues and volleyball leagues that come in after their games and get together to have HOPRS of their favorite drinks.

Promoting the HOPR is key to making it work, to increase sales. The HOPR sets us apart and gives our customers a fun experience. The HOPR has been very important to our business.

Barry says:
We have seen what the HOPR can do for our business and we plan to incorporate it into promoting the football season with a dedicated menu focused on HOPR drinks.

Paseo del Rio

The HOPR has increased my sales of beer and margaritas by 20-30%, especially in the summer on our patio. It also helps to sell more soda for large parties. Check out my website and see my video of the HOPR. I don’t use pitchers anymore!

JL Beers – Grand Forks

We use the HOPRS all the time. They worked out great at our recent JL Beers Octoberfest Party.


Offering the HOPR to Champps customers has proven to be a win, win situation. The sales guy was right, our customers absolutely love it, which has resulted in increased beverage sales, profits and improved efficiencies!

Primetime Sports Bar

The HOPRS are great for UFC Fight nights. We have them at every table. When we are so busy it helps take the pressure off the wait staff and customers really like them too.

Park Place Sports Bar

We have had the HOPRs for about 9 months. I like them best because I don’t have to constantly be checking on the people with a HOPR to see if they need their glasses filled. People feel they are getting a good deal because of the volume in the HOPR. We definitely sell more beverages when we use the HOPRs. We have used banners and table tents to promote the HOPR. For us the table tents seem to work the best.

Jemini Arena (Canlan Ice Arena)

I am very happy with the HOPR, they removed the 60oz pitcher from the mix. The “WOW” factor is huge with customers. It helps us control our cost and prevents over pouring compared to our old 134oz pitcher.

Blue Moon

The HOPR is very profitable for our business. We love it. Our customers love it. It is very easy to clean.

They sold 20 HOPRS on Saturday night alone! They are selling full HOPRS and are flexible in also offering ½ HOPRS. They are selling the HOPR at same price as two pitchers which would equal 120 ounces. He said customers DON’T mind at all paying same price for 96 ounces in the HOPR.

Blue Moon is happy to be making more money with each HOPR sold. Saturday night, Dusty said, one table had three HOPRs on it! The Blue Moon wants at least 10 more HOPRS