They are extremely convenient for both the customers and the servers. The beer stays colder in the HOPR than it does in the keg itself. It’s a great way to bring the party to your table and adds new meaning into “pour me a cold one”. Every bar should have these!

Better Milk

We feel BetterMilk’s microfiber towels are the best quality towels we have used. They were very soft when we first recieved them and they have remained soft. On some towels the edges fray and the towels break down shortly after. We have not seen this on the BetterMilk towel.

Half in the Bag

When the game was over, and we had to get out of our bags, we could really notice how cold the air was outside! I would say they kept us warm. They worked great! We’ll definitely be using them again the next time we need to sit out in the cold!