HOPR™ Infusion Rod™


Infusion Rod™ accessory for the HOPR™ Beverage Dispenser.

Enhance the flavor of your favorite drink with the Infusion Rod! This perforated metal rod can be filled with a variety of herbs or fruit—or whatever you’re craving at the time—and placed inside the HOPR to infuse your beverage. The best part? You get all the flavor without plugging up the spigot or getting pieces in your cup.


HOPR™ Infusion Rod™ accessory for the HOPR™ Beverage Dispenser.

The HOPR™ is a self-serve, self-cooled, standalone, beverage server that holds up to 96 ounces of your favorite drink. That’s twice the volume of a standard pitcher! The HOPR spins easily to reach everyone at your table, and the hands-free spigot makes pouring the next round a breeze.

Every HOPR comes with the SUPER Chill Rod™ that cools Better Than Ice™. It will keep your beverage cold to the last drop even if takes hours to get to the bottom. You can refill the HOPR over and over, and the Super Chill Rod will keep your drink cold fill after fill.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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