HOPR Party


How To Use Your HOPR

Freeze the metal Super Chill Rod for at least 4 hours.

Place the base on the table.

Fill the HOPR with beverage of choice.

Using two hands, carry the HOPR funnel to the table and place it inside the base. (Do NOT carry HOPR from the spigot.)

Place lid on and insert Super Chill Rod. If the Super Chill Rod is cold enough, there should be cracking noises. (Do NOT be alarmed! This is normal.)

To dispense, lean glass into the spigot tap to allow drink to come out.

Note: Icons printed on the front and side of the HOPR funnel Indicate the capacity measurements for using the HOPR with or without the Super Chill Rod.

Caring For Your HOPR

Rinse HOPR and Super Chill Rod between uses.

When done using the HOPR for the day, remove spigot by unscrewing and hand wash unit as you would any other dispenser.

Avoid using abrasive tools or chemicals as these can scratch the HOPR.

If you have artwork on your HOPR, do not wash the HOPR in water exceeding 140°F.